Set up local street markets online

There is one feature on Jumblets that we haven't promoted so far, even though it might be one of the best features of all. What I'm refering to is the feature that allows you to set up local street markets online. You can simply set up your own local street market for your jumblet and others that fit your market. You will then have your own section on where only your jumblets will be presented on the street market and where only your things for sale will be displayed. A jumblet may be part of multiple custom street markets.

If you want to see how a custom street market online may look like then click on the image below or the following url:


See what a street market online looks like


Here are 3 examples of great uses: 

Flea markets/Swap meets
You could set up a local flea market online. For example, you could create a custom market for everyone whose kids attend the same school. Each family could have a jumblet on which to present their outgrown stuff etc. This way you would avoid the hassle of dragging your stuff to an actual flea market and you wouldn't have to set a certain time when everyone needs to be there in person. At the same time it would be smooth to buy and sell things as everyone would be fairly close to each other geographically. Another advantage is that the event wouldn't have to be limited to a few hours. Instead it could go on for a longer period of time or even be permanent.

Why not set up a flea market online on Jumblets as a complement to an actual flea market in real life. That way you could promote the real life event and the vendors could present some of their offers in advance.

Arts & crafts markets
There are a lot of crafts markets here and there. But why not set up a crafts market online? For example, you could create a custom market for all the artists and artisans in a certain local area or you could create a market for all jumblets offering a certain type of art or craft. That way you can join forces with others in order to mutually promote your work.

Maybe it would be a good idea to set up an art & crafts market online as a complement to the real life art & crafts market. That could help you promote the real life event and the vendors could present some of their goods in advance.

Farmers' markets
Most people, if given the option, would rather buy locally-grown produce. The problem is that people don’t know about the offers available from farmers or home growers in their local areas. They may not even know that the farmer or home grower exists. Why not set up a local farmers' market online where you can display your homegrown goods along with others like you in the same geographical area. By joining forces with others you will enjoy mutual benefits from promoting each other.

The best of all is that it is COMPLETELY FREE
It's ALL FREE. But it's up to you to set up the custom street market for your jumblet and invite everyone you'd like to see joining the online street market. If you need help and support you can always contact us. You are more than welcome with your questions and we'll do our best to help you out.

Don’t Leave It Too Late!

We all have things at home we’d be willing to sell for the right price or to the right buyer. You may think you haven't got that many things that you must sell. How about the things you don't necessarily need to get rid of today but that you'd be willing to sell for the right price or to the right buyer?

Things we would be willing to sell
If you're anything like me, you store things that you think might come in handy someday or that you simply find it hard to let go of, such as workout equipment, art, dishware, gadgets, musical instruments, collector's items, and children's toys and clothing. These things remain in storage, cluttering your attic or spare room. This does no one any good and makes no one happy. If the right buyer were to come along or if someone were to offer you the right price, you'd be willing to sell these items, but otherwise they will remain in your possession.

Don't let time rule you

Avoid selling under time pressure
At some point, you will have to get rid of your excess stuff, for example, when you are about to move to a new house or you need to clear the spare room for visitors. At this point, you may need to sell your items in a hurry, which makes it less likely that you'll get a price you're content with, if you're able to sell them at all. You may end up taking those things to the dump, which doesn't benefit you or anyone else.
If you set up a jumblet today, you can make people aware of all the things you have that you’d be willing to sell, far in advance of when you're under time pressure to sell them. You'll be able to sell them in a far more relaxed way, on your own terms. You'll have enough time to wait for the right price or the right buyer.

What is the right price?
The right price is simply what you would need to receive in order to feel happy about the sale. If you're selling under time pressure, you may be forced to accept an amount lower than the price that would make you feel that you'd been properly compensated for your initial investment and for taking such good care of the item that it's suitable for resale.

Who is the right buyer?
For some reason, you may prefer to sell to a certain person and want to favor that person. You may be willing to offer them first dibs or a lower price than others, simply because you're already acquainted with them in some way or because they live nearby. It may be that you prefer to sell the item to someone you already know because it feels good to help people around you.

10 Great Things About Jumblets

10 Great Things About Jumblets. Girl showing 10 fingers.

There are so many great things about Jumblets, as well as particular advantages to having a jumblet, but we'd like to point out the top ten advantages and benefits. Here's what distinguishes Jumblets from other sites and makes Jumblets rise above the rest:-

  1. Secondhand, homemade and homegrown items for sale, all in the same place

    Jumblets is intended for all secondhand, homemade or homegrown items that are for sale locally from people's homes. Thanks to Jumblets, everyone will be able to see exactly what's available around them.

  2. Ability to follow a specific jumblet or seller

    Buyers and sellers love this feature! A Jumblets user can choose to follow any jumblet that's of particular interest to them. Not only can you easily find your favorite jumblets, you will be notified whenever new things have been added to them. This could be very handy, if, for example, you have children who are a few years younger than those of the person who runs the jumblet. Once a buyer has made a satisfactory purchase from a jumblet, he or she may feel safer and more comfortable buying more things from the same seller. In other words, the seller is likely to expect some upselling.

  3. All of your offers beautifully presented in one place, with a personal touch

    Having a jumblet allows you to present all of your goods for sale in one place. The presentation will be attractive and have that personal touch. This creates opportunities for upselling and for acquiring regular customers.

  4. Create custom markets

    You may team up with others to gain mutual benefits, by creating a custom market for your jumblet and others that share something in common with it. For example, you could create a custom market for everyone whose kids who attend the same school. It would then be like a swap meet, which you wouldn't need to physically organize, and which wouldn't be restricted in time. Another example would be to create a custom market for all the jumblets that offer a specific type of craft product.

  5. Better control over your sales situation

    As a seller, you will have control over your own sales situation. You can decide the terms of your sales and you won't be obliged to sell anything to anyone unless it complies with your terms. The site is primarily intended for transactions between people who live close enough to one another to allow local collection of the goods, but if you are willing to ship the item, you will have the option to do so. However, Jumblets will not be involved in the transaction or the delivery process. The contact between the seller and the buyer is conducted privately. A jumblet may also be owned by multiple individuals, and you may have more than one contact person for any given offer.

  6. Have more than one jumblet

    You may have one jumblet for the sales of your secondhand stuff, and another jumblet for the sales of your homemade items or homegrown goods. This allows you to make your used goods available for sale, without having to mix them with your art and craft items.

  7. Access to an image bank

    Your jumblet comes with its own image bank, which makes it very easy and convenient to add new offers to your jumblet. All you need to do is to upload the images to your jumblet's image bank. You can then upload all the images you want to use at once, and create your offers later at your convenience. You can go around taking pictures with your phone, which you can upload on the fly to your jumblet's image bank. Then you can sit down at your computer whenever you wish to create your offers, easily choosing images from those you've already uploaded to your image bank.

  8. Prioritize certain buyers over others

    As a seller, you have the option to prioritize certain buyers over others. You can offer special prices to your friends or VIP customers, and these special prices will be visible only to the users you have chosen to receive the special offer. You can show some offers exclusively to the followers of your jumblet, or you can reveal it to your followers for a specific period of time before allowing it to go public.

  9. Works great together with Facebook, but is independent

    Jumblets and Facebook work together like a charm, but you are not required to use them together. When you share a jumblet and/or specific offers on Facebook, the posts will look great and all the important information will be included. Of course, you don't need to be a Facebook user to get the most out of Jumblets—neither as a seller nor as a buyer. If you are already on Facebook, you can certainly benefit from using Jumblets to let people know what you have to offer.

  10. It is absolutely FREE

    Whether you have one jumblet or several jumblets, it is absolutely free of charge. There are no fees whatsoever. It is absolutely FREE.

Ready for Take Off

Autumn is here. During the summer months, we took some time off to enjoy the lovely weather, and we made some exciting and essential changes on Jumblets. We took care of some technical issues in the server environment, and made it easier to share offers and jumblets on Facebook. And we improved the mobile version of the site. Here is a small list of recent changes:

Images from Jumblets will remain on shared posts on Facebook
Previously, if an image was replaced or removed on, it would also vanish from any Facebook posts in which it was shared. We have now reconfigured the interface so that any image shared from Jumblets will remain visible in the Facebook post for at least 6 months.

Cached information is updated automatically on Facebook 
When you share a link, Facebook retrieves the information from the corresponding URL and uses it for future posts regarding that URL. In the past, if you changed the content of a jumblet and posted something new about it, Facebook would still refer to the old image and information. Now, whenever you make changes to content on, any future Facebook posts regarding that link will include the updated information.

Contacting seller has been facilitated in the mobile version
We have enhanced the mobile version to make it even simpler and more straightforward to make contact with the seller, and we now supply more information about the seller.

We have optimised the site's compatibility with Facebook. This may be of particular interest to those of you who often post in buy-and-sell groups on Facebook. Jumblets serves as a great complement to such groups. This is just one of the many advantages of using

We're raring to go! It's time to let people know about our great service.

Perfect for Sharing on Facebook

It's so easy to share your jumblet and display your offers on Facebook. All the important information about your jumblet and your offers are presented in a visually striking, easy-to-read format. is a handy tool, and is simply ideal for those who post in local buy-and-sell-groups on Facebook. Here are some examples of how it looks when you share something from Jumblets on Facebook.


When you share a jumblet

When you share a jumblet on Facebook there will be an image used that is generated from 4 different offers in the jumblet.

When you share a jumblet on Facebook, your post will be accompanied by an image that is compiled from four of the offers in your jumblet. After changes have been made to your jumblet, a new image is generated shortly afterwards, so after making changes you might want to wait a while before you share it on Facebook. (In some cases, Facebook will share previously retrieved information from your jumblet, but we know some tricks to get it to refresh the information used. We will cover this in an upcoming blog post.)


When you share something for sale

When a jumblet offer is shared on Facebook, all important information is presented clearly and easily read.


When you share something you are giving away

A jumblet offer with something that is given away shared on Facebook. Great looking and the intention is obvious.


When you share something from the wish list

A wish from the wish list shared on Facebook looks great.


As you can see, when you share something from Jumblets on Facebook, all the important information is included in the post, including the jumblet's name and location.

To see more examples, please check out our demo on YouTube.

About is the community marketplace where you can have your own virtual market stall (= a jumblet). The marketplace is intended for things that are for sale from people's homes. These items fall under the categories of excess (second-hand) stuff, homemade items, and homegrown goods.

This site is especially designed for those of you who have things at home you'd be willing to sell if you get the right price or the right buyer.

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