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Selling on YOUR terms!

For those of you who have things at home
you'd be willing to sell...if you get
the right price or the right buyer.

Selling on YOUR terms!

It’s all about what’s around you

Jumblets is all about revealing and highlighting the enormous resource of secondhand, homemade and homegrown goods all around us, of which we are not aware. Imagine if you could know what people nearby have in their possession that they would be happy to sell. Perhaps your neighbor is a brilliant artisan. Even if you knew this, you might not know what exactly he or she has to offer and what it costs. The same applies to the local farmer who offers homegrown produce near your summer residence. Not to talk about all the stuff we all have that we don't need and would be willing to sell.

It’s all about what’s around you
A virtual market stall for FREE

A virtual market stall for FREE is an online community marketplace, in which you can have your own virtual market stall (= jumblet). Having a jumblet is a fun, convenient and relaxed way to present all the things you have that you’d be happy to sell (preferably for local collection). As you’ll be in control of your sales situation, you’ll be able to wait for the right price or the right buyer. Here are some of the features and benefits you’ll enjoy:

  • Display up to 1000 listings per jumblet
  • Include 5 images per listing
  • Customize the appearance of your jumblet
  • Set discounts for VIP customers
  • It’s easy for people to follow your jumblet
  • Have your jumblet on your Facebook page
  • Offer previews to your followers

It’s completely FREE and there are no hidden costs!

Several great uses for a jumblet

The marketplace,, is exclusively for things that fall under the categories of excess (secondhand) stuff, homemade items, and homegrown produce. There are numerous ways to make excellent use of a jumblet. Here are just a few ideas to get you started:

  • Families presenting the excess stuff they’d be happy to sell
  • The local artist presenting artwork that’s for sale
  • The local farmer presenting what’s for sale on the farm
  • The thrift shop owner presenting some of his goods
  • Parents, whose kids attend the same school, creating a virtual flea market
  • School classes selling used goods to raise money for a school trip
  • Sports clubs selling used goods to raise money to attend a tournament
  • Artisans in the same area creating a market for mutual promotion

Several great uses for a jumblet
Create your own market

Create your own market

One of the features of the site is the possibility to create a custom market for your jumblet and others that share something in common with it. For example, you could create a custom market for everyone whose kids attend the same school to make it extremely convenient to buy, sell and swap clothes and toys. Or you could create a custom market for all the artists and artisans in a certain local area. Team up with others to mutually promote your work. Each jumblet can be connected to several custom markets.

A relaxed and convenient alternative

Jumblets provides a relaxed and convenient alternative/complement to local art and crafts markets, farmers' markets, and flea markets, where you aren't restricted by time limits or by having to physically attend the market stall. Do people in your area know what you have for sale? If the answer is no, then you should open a jumblet. You may use social media to promote your jumblet and encourage others in your area and social sphere to start a jumblet, too. The more people there are who know about Jumblets, the better it will be for YOU!

A relaxed and convenient alternative
Perfect for buy-and-sell-groups on Facebook

Perfect for buy-and-sell-groups on Facebook

It's so easy to share your jumblet and display your offers on Facebook. All the important information about your jumblet and your offers are presented in a visually striking, easy-to-read format. is a handy tool, and is simply ideal for those who post in local buy-and-sell-groups on Facebook. Having a jumblet that you share on Facebook ensures that your offers are better presented and contain more detailed information than the other posts in the Facebook group. This helps you to gain regular customers and to increase your chances of upselling. To find out more about how it works and how it will look, please check out our demo on YouTube.

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What a great product. You've taken a new approach to community based selling and filled the gap between Etsy and Ebay.

- Robert Simon, Ontario, Canada


A jumblet is a virtual market stall where you can present all the things you are willing to sell in a convenient and relaxed way. Watch the short video below to get a better understanding of