Jumblets.com enable local street markets to emerge online. Here you can have your own virtual market stall (= a jumblet) and may create and/or join custom sub-markets. Having a jumblet is a fun, convenient, and relaxed way to present all the things you’d like to offer to other people (mainly for local pick-up). The marketplace is intended for things that are for sale from people’s homes. The categories are as follows:

excess stuff (second-hand)
* homemade items (art and crafts)
* homegrown goods (food and plants)

The best part: It’s completely free to have a jumblet and there are no hidden costs


Present your goods!

Open your own sale online and let your friends know about it.

We ALL have things that we'd be happy to sell for the right price or to the right buyer. However, if we don’t let people know about the things we are willing to sell, we’ll be stuck with them. That doesn’t make anyone happy! 
The truth is: we're generally most interested in and curious about what people in our neighborhoods have to offer, particularly if we happen to know them


Let go of your stuff!

We all have the tendency to pile up stuff that we don’t need and that we may never need. Imagine all the piled-up things that are available without our even knowing it! 
We get it! Selling and letting go of your things is often not as rewarding or as fun as it should be. It's usually not worth the trouble. That’s where Jumblets comes in. Having a jumblet is easy and fun. Not only will you be doing yourself a favor; you’ll be doing a favor for the people around you, while helping the environment


Show your creations for sale!

There are many artists and artisans around us, of whom we may not be aware. Yet we are generally most apt to buy artwork or handicrafts from people in our proximity. Having a jumblet is a great way for artists and artisans to present their wares to the people who are most likely to appreciate it.


Make your presence known!

Most people, if given the option, would rather buy locally-grown produce. The problem is that people don’t know about the offers available from farmers or home growers in their local areas. They may not even know that the farmer or home grower exists. This is another reason having a jumblet is great! If you’re a home grower or a farmer, you can let people know exactly what you’re offering and where to find you


Open your own jumblet!

Do people in your proximity know what you have for sale? If the answer is no, then you should open a jumblet. Having a jumblet is a fun and relaxed way to let people know what you have to offer. As you’ll be in control of your sales situation, you’ll be able to wait for the right price or the right buyer. You may use social media to promote your jumblet and encourage others to start a jumblet, too. The more people within your area and social sphere who know about Jumblets, the better it will be for YOU


Pär Iwarson

Pär Iwarson


The man with the vision and ideas. He initiated this project after founding another successful global website called Xpert Eleven. He has great concern for the environment and is determined to do his best to make the world a better place.