Local street markets online

Let people see your offers!

Buyers for your homegrown goods are found within your community…if only they knew what you have and at what cost.

Let people see your offers!

A virtual market stall for FREE

Get your own virtual market stall (= jumblet). Having a jumblet is a fun, convenient and relaxed way to show people within your community which goods you have for sale. Here are some of the features and benefits you’ll enjoy:

  • Display up to 1000 listings per jumblet
  • Include up to 5 images per listing
  • Customize the appearance of your jumblet
  • Set discounts for VIP customers
  • It’s easy for people to follow your jumblet
  • Add a Jumblets tab to your Facebook page
  • Offer previews to your followers

It’s completely FREE and there are no hidden costs!

A virtual market stall for FREE
Your customers are found locally

Your customers are found locally

Most people, if given the option, would rather buy locally grown produce. The problem is that people don’t know what you have to offer and what your prices are. They may not even be aware of your presence. This is why having a jumblet is great! If you offer locally produced food, you can let those nearby know exactly what you’re offering and where to find you, and you can keep them updated about your offers. It’s much better than just having a road sign.

Set up farmers' markets online

One of the features of the site is the possibility to create a custom market for your jumblet and others that share something in common with it. For example, you could create a custom market called “The Organic Market” for all jumblets offering organic goods. Each jumblet can be connected to several custom markets. This way you can all benefit from mutual promotion.

Set up farmers
Let people around you know about your jumblet

Let people around you know about your jumblet

People around you are the best ambassadors for your business. Even if they aren’t customers themselves, they are likely to promote your work to people they know, so make sure to let them know what you have to offer. A jumblet is an excellent way to keep people posted about your business, so that they can help promote it. You may use social media to promote your jumblet and encourage others in your area and social sphere to start a jumblet, too. The more people there are who know about Jumblets, the better it will be for YOU!

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What a great product. You've taken a new approach to community based selling and filled the gap between Etsy and Ebay.

- Robert Simon, Ontario, Canada


A jumblet is a virtual market stall where you can present all the things you are willing to sell in a convenient and relaxed way. Watch the short video below to get a better understanding of Jumblets.com.