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United KingdomGreater London, Orpington


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Nuts4honey based in UK , produce organic honey made by our own busy bees and products derived from bees including venom, honey, pollen, and royal jelly.

We are organic honey producers and apart from traditional honey (acacia, multifloral , honeydew honey) we also produce "honey with the a twist" which are: honey with cocoa, honey with cinnamon, ginger, chilies , pollen , royal jelly etc.
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Organic honey with organic ginger 490g

Organic honey with organic ginger 490g

The health benefits of honey and ginger for treating respiratory problems are unmatched by any other concoction. Furthermore, honey is an excellent medium for transmitting the benefits of herbs such as ginger to the body. Both honey and ginger have their own individual health benefits and the combination of the two provides even more additional bonuses. Some great suggestions: use it in: ginger bread, ginger cookies, ginger ale, ginger beer, carrot ginger soup, ginger punch, ginger biscuits, ginger snaps, ginger cake, and various other ginger recipes to enhance the taste of these recipes. Or on its own!

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